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Isn't it fascinating how life makes you sit up and take note when you're feeling frustrated and disillusioned, but you're not sorting things out!

Because that happened to me. There I was, meandering through life until one day my health suddenly declined in a few weeks. My life was thrown into turmoil and I was challenged internally more than ever - I was stretched to my limits.

To overcome what I was experiencing physically, I HAD to look within, learn to get my head in the game and explore buried emotions wrapped up in the issues I was experiencing.

And it awakened something in me. I became obsessed with learning about emotions, our mind and energy, and how to embody the teachings. And years later, I'm still learning and LOVING it. How I feel has changed beyond recognition.

I've remembered WHO I am, the dreams I'm going for and taking daily action to bring them to life, all the time working on my growth and feeling happy.

The Serene Lifestyle was born out of my desire to GO for it without feeling stressed, overwhelmed or doubting myself.

To go about my day easily, in a flow state as I take the action I want whilst not missing out on the beauty of daily life.


What I hadn't appreciated was starting and building your own business is the wildest personal development journey!!!!

And whilst this is my field, it's thrown up many more things that I hadn't looked at during my health journey.

I had massive imposter syndrome (which now explains so much of my career) and doubted my abilities on a daily basis.

However, despite my own struggles, I seemed to attract business owners as my clients. I could see the link between what they were experiencing in their business and their inner world. And funnily, as I'd work through my own internal blocks and challenges, I'd attract clients who were struggling with the same!

So as I grew, so my clients did too. And I've ended up working with incredible entrepreneurs using my unique blend of skills.

Even better….

As I keep learning, I get to share my knowledge, wisdom and experiences with others so they build their profitable business and create the inner freedom to live their Serene Lifestyle.

How you feel about yourself and what's going on internally determines the quality of your life.

Moreover, your inner world shapes what you perceive and experience in the outer world.

It determines what you believe is possible for you, the (in)action you take, the meanings (good or bad) you attach to things and what opportunities you do or don't notice.

You do create your reality!

So, if you're ready to change your reality to the one you desire,

here are 3 ways you can get started:

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