Are you READY to find your

Personal Power

and love building your profitable business?

It IS possible to...

  • Charge what you believe your work is worth without anxiety taking over or coming out in a cold sweat :-).

  • Believe in yourself and have the confidence to take action in your business as YOU, not feeling like you have to be different to the truth of who you are, phew!.

  • Take back control of your life and business, no matter how out of control you may think it is, and feel great living it on your terms.

  • Find your power and put in place boundaries with ease, so others know how to interact with you.

  • Sleep through the night and wake up feeling excited about your business because you enjoy what you're doing and feel equipped to deal with what comes your way.

  • Design your week, so you DO have Time for yourself to do whatever it is that you want in that space.

  • Be present with your friends and family, be part of the fun and let your hair down because you can leave behind your work in those moments and know how to quieten your mind.

  • Have the courage to make the changes you've wanted for so long because you now have the energy to DO new things in your life - gone are the days of firefighting with a water pistol.

Results past clients have achieved...

  • Doubled their income because they up levelled how they felt about themselves and realised the value in their gifts and what they offer the world.

  • Reduced their working hours from 50 hours to 30 hours per week while maintaining the same income.

  • Enhanced their relationship with their partner because they'd learned how to communicate what they were feeling and shared what they needed.

  • Released negative people from their life who were bringing them down and became more selective about who receives their energy.

  • Built the courage to make changes in their business, including ending services they were no longer aligned with and begin offering new services that brought them joy.

  • Learned how to be present which resulted in feeling like a weight has been lifted because their headspace is now free from the constant negative chatter and being three steps ahead.

  • Established boundaries so they can live the life they want, serve at the highest level and look after themselves.

Here's what they say...

"My husband says he's got his wife back!"

"This was the best thing I’ve done in my 30’s. My time with Michele has been life changing!

My mindset was negative and I’d lost my motivation on many levels. Each week tasks set helped me achieve the goals discussed at the beginning. The weekly sessions helped me keep focused and on track so my energy was consistent.

Michele showed kindness and empathy to build a safe place to discuss fears which I haven’t experienced before. Her vast knowledge of the mind gives her skills that are an asset to anyone.

By spending time on my inner self and listening to what’s in my heart I now have the confidence to build firm boundaries which leads to better work and life balance. I have put past experiences into better context and changed my mindset.

Overall I’m happier and can now own my success. You’ll be surprised what’s buried inside which can hold you back a lot!”

Penny, Jersey

"I feel like I’ve had a complete upgrade!"

"I needed help with past childhood issues which I carry still and manifest in low self worth and doubt in my abilities. I felt my voice wasn’t heard and I wasn’t good enough in any aspect of my career. I've had my own business for 25 years but you'd never realise the unrelenting inner turmoil I experience.

Michele’s great skill lies in her uncanny ability to listen and really understand the core of an issue. She is perceptive, understanding and compassionate but also direct and honest when you need it.

I feel like I’ve had a complete upgrade and I claim my place in the world! I felt lost, confused and exhausted both in my personal and professional life.

Michele perfectly crafted each session to build on the last. I can’t express how valuable our work has been.

I bumped into a former employee, they said ‘ I can’t put my finger on it but you look like a different person. You look lighter and happier. You look radiant, like a weight is lifted. Good for you!’ And that is precisely how I feel.”

Louise, Jersey

You don't have to...

  • Feel constantly exhausted because your mind is always racing.

  • Struggle to concentrate; your focus is dispersed because your mind is constantly jumping all over the place.

  • Wake up in the night worrying you can get it all done and struggle to switch off.

  • Feel like your day is running you, but you're too busy to stop and take control.

  • Feel trapped; there is no light at the end of the tunnel and no direction or way out.

  • Have work dominate your thoughts even when you try to relax with friends and family.

  • Worry you'll fall ill, break down or snap and jack it all in, causing more problems.

  • Also worry you'll drop the ball, and your work will go very wrong.

  • Find it challenging to relax without a glass of wine.

  • Feel overwhelmed; doubt you're good enough, with everything feeling heavy and hard work.


    Feel frustrated by all of this because YOU sense there is SO much more to you that you're NOT tapping into and AREN'T creating the life and business you want, bringing up FEAR that you'll get to the end of life and HAVEN'T ticked off all that you wanted.

    WHICH makes it even more confusing!

"The difference is like night and day!"

"The experience has been life changing!

I followed all her advice and listened to the power recording daily.

The concrete difference is feeling more secure and self-confident, but the real effect is feeling so much lighter and enjoying the little things around me because I am feeling less anxious and have less worries"

Sylvanna, Netherlands

"Above and beyond what I was expecting"

"Michele helped me to uncover some stuff from the past that was really holding me back and that has been so beneficial to me

Michele was so easy to talk to and put me at ease from the very start

Thank you so much for all your help Michele, I'm a much better version of myself because of you."

Sarah, United Kingdom

"I am much more excited, enthusiastic, motivated"

"To achieve what I want, and I do!

Michele is professional, has a warm personality, has an excellent sense of intuition and she knows how to lead a session that brings results.

I decided to continue listening to my power recording, because it keeps me on track and I find it motivates me

I absolutely recommend!"

Beata, United Kingdom

My trifecta approach

My approach focuses on these 3 key areas which come together to build your personal power. Working together we use my 7 step system to upgrade each of these.

How to get started...

If you're at the stage where you're past watching my FREE trainings and are READY to supercharge your results, then I invite you to book your Empower Session!

During your Empower Session you'll...

  • Unload what you're feeling and experiencing, which may be up until now you've been keeping all to yourself, and also share how you want to feel and achieve.

  • Receive my take on what's going on for you. Using my knowledge, experience and intuition I'll share the areas that need focusing on for you to achieve what you're seeking in your life and business.

  • Leave with tips and practices you can implement straightaway to start seeing results immediately.

My intention is by the end of this session you'll

  • You'll feel motivated to begin taking action on finding your personal power to make the changes you want in your life and business.

  • Feel you've been heard and have received guidance which is bespoke to YOU so you don't waste time working on areas that won't give you the result you want.

  • Feel like a weight has been lifted because you're finally be doing something to change the trajectory of your business and life.

Who this is for?...

  • It's for YOU if you own your business and ready to take radical responsibility for the next chapter.

  • You're open to receive constructive feedback and a new way of looking at things.

  • You're willing to put in effort to get the result you're seeking.

Afterwards, we can decide if we'd like to continue working together beyond this session, I offer monthly customised, intuitive packages which include weekly sessions starting at £497 per month,.

But for now, start with your Empower Session, it's the PERFECT place to begin awakening yourself to the amazing possibilities ahead, receive clarity on where to focus your energy and feel energised to begin making changes.

I look forward to meeting you!


You have it within you to change your inner world

and the trajectory of your life and work!

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